XANTOTOL (Pol) "Liber Diabolus: 1991-1996" CD. It is a special publication, which contains all Xantotol recordings, namely materials from "Glory For Centuries", "Cult Of The Black Pentagram" and "Thus Spake Zaratustra". It is released as a CD with a new graphic design and is enriched with an unpublished yet band photos. Item is strictly limited to 333 hand-numbered copies!
Price: 30 PLN / 7 Euro / 8 USD

BUXEN / AIFUR / MORDHELL - 3 Way split CD (Ita/Swe/Pol). Pure Fucking Black Metal. Limited to 500 copies.
Price: 20 PLN / 5 Euro / 6 USD

BLOODTHIRST (Pol) "Let Him Die" MC (pro tape & pro cover). Tape version of the debut album. 9 tracks of hellish Thrash Metal in good old style. Limited to 300 copies.
Price: 12 PLN / 3 Euro / 4 USD

MANTH (Ita) "A conjuration compelling obedience" MC (pro tape & pro cover). 7 tracks of completely Lunatic Black Metal. Project of Bard Manth from Italy. Limited to 300 copies.
Price: 12 PLN / 3 Euro / 4 USD

PAGANFIRE / INTERMENT (Phi) "The Oath Of Termination" MC (pro tape & pro cover). Split-cassette of two bands from Philippines. 8 tracks of spontaneous, old-school Thrash Metal, including SADUS and DARK ANGEL covers. Limited to 200 copies.
Price: 15 PLN / 4 Euro / 5 USD

THRONEUM / SUICIDAL WINDS  (Pol/Swe) “Necroblasphemies” MC (pro tape & pro cover). Pure Fukking Death Metal & Black/Thrash Metal. Limited to 350 copies.
Price: 15 PLN / 4 Euro / 5 USD

THORNS OF HATE (Malaysia) "Abominable Triumph of Heresy" MC (pro tape & pro cover). Crushing, dark Satanik Death/Black Metal from Malaysia. Total hate, insanity and heresy! Fukk!!! Tape professionally released. European edition, limited to 200 copies.
Price: 15 PLN / 4 Euro / 5 USD

ABIGAIL / R.I.P. / RADIATION / OLDBLOOD (Jpn/Svk/Svk/Peru)"United Metal Massacre" MC (pro tape & pro cover). Pure Fukking Thrash Metal! Tape professionally released, limited to 250 copies.
Price: 15 PLN / 4 Euro / 5 USD

THRONEUM / OFFENCE (Pol) "No Salvation" MC (pro tape & pro cover). Pure Fukking Death Metal! Tape professionally released, limited to 222 copies.
Price: 15 PLN / 4 Euro / 5 USD

MORBUS (Pol) "Satanik Terrorist" MC (pro tape & pro cover). Raw, obscene, rough Black Metal! Tape professionally released, limited to 100 copies.
Price: 15 PLN / 4 Euro / 5 USD

ABIGAIL & HELL'S BOMBER (Jpn/Croatia) "Alcohol, Sluts & Satan 'till Death" MC (pro tape & pro cover). Black/Thrash/Speed Metal.  Tape professionally released, limited to 100 copies.
Price: 15 PLN / 4 Euro / 5 USD

BLOODY CYROGRAPH (Pol) "Primitive Rituals" MC (pro tape & pro cover). Old school Black Metal. Tape professionally released, limited to 100 copies.
Price: 15 PLN / 4 Euro / 5 USD

FUNERAL WHORE (Nld )"Step into Damnation" MC (pro tape & pro cover). Pure Fukking Death Metal! Tape professionally released, limited to 150 copies.
Price: 15 PLN / 4 Euro / 5 USD

GRIGORIEN (Dnk) "Cum Infernus cepit Crucem" MC (pro tape & pro cover). Satanik Black Metal. Tape professionally released, limited to 66 copies.
Price: 15 PLN / 4 Euro / 5 USD

CATACUMBA (Bra) "Animus Mortis" MC (pro tape & pro cover). Black Metal. Tape professionally released, limited to 100 copies.
Price: 15 PLN / 4 Euro / 5 USD

DIABOLIKAL HOLOKAUST (Mex) "Diabolikal Holokaust" MC (pro tape & pro cover). Black Metal. Fukk! Tape professionally released, limited to 166 copies.
Price: 15 PLN / 4 Euro / 5 USD

FUKK Kompilation - MC (pro tape & pro cover). Full 100 minutes of Total Black/Death Metal Fukking Destruction! Compilation tape with some rare, unreleased, live or alternative recordings of the following bands: Kratherion, Hellscourge, Pek, Catacumba, Goat Tyrant, Nihil Domination, Hammergoat, Recrucify, Deathroner, Bestial Raids, Invocation War, Satanik Goat Ritual, Throneum, NuclearHammer, Deflagrator, Demonomancy, Trepanación, Bestial Mölestor, Kranium Diabolikum, Ravendark's Monarchal Canticle, Perversor, Sanctifying Ritual, Battlestorm, Sadokist, Et Verbi Sathanus, Poisoned. Tape professionally released, with 26 page booklet attached, limited to 300 copies. Length: 100 minutes.
Price: 20 PLN / 5 Euro / 6 USD

NECROSTUPRUM (Pol/Fin) "Voids Of Belial" MC (pro tape & pro cover). Second demo of Polish - Finish duo with three new tracks of gloomy Black / Doom Metal with bass and drums only. Tape professionally released, limited to 100 copies.
Price: 15 PLN / 4 Euro / 5 USD

OFFENCE (Pol) "R.A.W." MC (pro tape & pro cover). Debut album with crushing brutal old-school Death Metal. Tape professionally released, limited to 111 copies.
Price: 15 PLN / 4 Euro / 5 USD

CAEDES CRUENTA (Grc) "Ερείπια Ψυχών" (Ereipia Psychon) MC (pro tape & pro cover). Second album of Greeks. Obscure, majestic and abyssic occult Black Metal influenced by the classics of Hellenic scene. Tape professionally released, limited to 88 copies.
Price: 15 PLN / 4 Euro / 5 USD

PAGANFIRE (Phi) "Wreaking Fear and Death" MC (pro tape & pro cover). Debut album of the classic Hellish Thrash Metal Worshippers from Philippines. 2 bonus tracks added for this European Edition. Tape professionally released, limited to 88 copies.
Price: 15 PLN / 4 Euro / 5 USD

SARINVOMIT (Tur) "Baphopanzers of the Demoniacal Brigade" MC (pro tape & pro cover). Total Nuclear Fukking Annihilation!!! Cassette-EP infected with sickening Black/Thrash vomit. Tape professionally released, limited to 222 copies.
Price: 15 PLN / 4 Euro / 5 USD

CONFRONTATION (Nld ) "Fieseler Fi 103" MC (pro tape & pro cover). Debut cassette-EP with crushing old-school Death / Doom Metal. Bonus instrumental track. Tape professionally released, limited to 111 copies.
Price: 15 PLN / 4 Euro / 5 USD

PERSECUTORY (Tur) "Perversion feeds our force" MC (pro tape & pro cover). Total Fukking Black/Thrash Holokaust!!! Tape professionally released, limited to 101 copies.
Price: 15 PLN / 4 Euro / 5 USD

INCINERATOR (Pol) "Death Descends" MC (pro tape &; pro cover). Pure Death Metal. Tape professionally released, limited to 100 copies.
 Price: 15 PLN / 4 Euro / 5 USD

VIOLENT SCUM / PUTRID EVIL (Chl/Pol) "Sacraments Of Iniquity" MC (pro tape & pro cover). Split-cassette of two bands from Chile and Poland. Pure Fukking Death Metal. Arghhh! Tape professionally released, limited to 200 copies.
 Price: 15 PLN / 4 Euro / 5 USD

OFFENCE (Pol) "Adoration of Black Kingdom" MC (pro tape & pro cover). Crushing brutal old-school Death Metal. Tape professionally released, limited to 111 copies.
 Price: 15 PLN / 4 Euro / 5 USD

ASSATUR  (Fin) "Nameless Rites"/ "From the Depths of Madness" MC (pro tape & pro cover). Death Metal from Finland.  Lyrics inspired by H.P. Lovecraft.  The first and second demo on one tape professionally released by Kampf Records.  Limited to 101 copies.
Price: 20 PLN / 5 Euro / 6 USD

BLASPHEMOUS DIVISION "Regiments of Chaos" Demo 2016 MC (pro tape & pro cover). Blasphemous Death Black Metal from Peru.  Tape professionally released by Kampf Records.  Limited to 151 copies.
Price: 20 PLN / 5 Euro / 6 USD

CATACUMBA (Bra) "Hungry are the Impure Souls" T-shirt (M, L, XL, XXL)
Price: 30 PLN / 7 Euro / 8 USD

THORNS OF HATE (Malaysia) "Abominable Triumph of Heresy" T-shirt (M, L, XXL)
Price: 30 PLN / 7 Euro / 8 USD

THRONEUM / OFFENCE (Pol) "No Salvation" T-shirt (XL)
Price: 30 PLN / 7 Euro / 8 USD

Price: 30 PLN / 7 Euro / 8 USD

CD ****** CD ****** CD ****** CD 

ABIGAIL / IRONFIST / DEIPHAGO (Jap/Sgp/Tha) "Holocaustik Metal Sexxxekution Whoreslaughters" [Slava Productions] - Thrash/Black/Thrash Fukking Metal. Fukk!


ALTERED DEAD (Can) "Altered Dead" [Cavernous Records] - The debut album from Altered Dead channeling the classic old school Death Metal sound into the current era of extreme music.

ARMOURED ANGEL (Aus) "Baptism in Blood" [Abysmal Sounds] - Speed/Thrash Metal! 1985 Demo re-release.

AMPÜTATOR / BAPHOMETS HORNS (USA) "Satanic Forcefucked Annihilation" [Old Cemetery Records] - Satanic War Fucking Metal!

ANAL VOMIT (Per) "Welcome to the Slow Rotten Pregnancy Putrefaction" [A Sangre Fría Records/Espiritus Inmundos] - Fukk!

ATARAXIE (Fra) "Anhédonie" [Weird Truth Productions] - Funeral Doom/Death Metal.

ATARAXIE / IMINDAIN (Fra/GBr) "Bethlehems Bastarde" [Weird Truth Productions] - Funeral Doom/Death Metal.

BAAL (Mex) "Passages to Eternity" [American Line Productions] - Demo recordings from 1999. Melodic, but brutal Death Metal, decidedly not for In Flames fans.

BEAST PETRIFY (Sgp) "Weebed in Living Hell" [Beast Petrify] - Very good, technical Thrash/Death Metal.

BESTIAL MOCKERY (Swe) "The Unholy Trinity" [Witchhammer Productions] - Fukk!

BLACK ANGEL (Per) "Satanic Rites in Brasil" [Sick Chainsaws Productions] - Black Metal.

BLACK MASS RITUAL / BEYOND YE GRAVE (USA/Rus) "Grave Ritual" [Nomos Dei] - Satanik Black/Death Metal!

BLASPHERIAN (USA) "Infernal Warriors Of Death" [Die Todesrune Records] - Satanik Death Metal! Arghhh!

BLOODHAMMER (Fin) "Monastery Of Thousand Blackened Lusts" [Northern Heritage] - Satanik Black Metal.
Price: 22 PLN / 5 Euro / 6 USD

CARUOS (Fra) "Metempsychosis" [Werewolf Promotion] - Debut album of this Atmospheric Heathen Black Metal. Over 60 minutes of mix "western style" of Heathen Black Metal with Graveland vein from "Thousand Swords" era.

CATACUMBA (Bra) "Kratos" [Onslaught Records] - Fukking Black Metal. Arghhh!

CHAOSPHERE (Pol) "Reign In Chaos" [Death Solution Productions] - Thrash Metal.

CRUCIFIER / THRONEUM / SATHANAS / BESTIAL MOCKERY (USA/Pol/USA/Swe) "Deep Grave Dungeons" [Time Before Time Records] - Fukk!

DARK LEGIONS (Swe) "Satänic Deströyer" [Pestilence Records] - Great Black/Thrash Metal. Arghhh!

DEAD TO EARTH / VOLKEINBLUCHT / IDVARP (USA/USA/Aus) - Split [Graveless Slumber Records] - Raw, sordid Black Metal.

DECEPTION (Pol) "Nails Sticking Offensive" [Old Temple] - Satanik Death Metal. Fukk!

DEMONIC ATTACK TO HOLY LANDS Comp vol. 1 [Infernal Kaos/Total Death Prod]: Horncrowned, Zwartketterij, Sadiztik Impaler, Blaspherion, Darkest Hate Warfront, Blasphemophager...

DISHED (Pol) "Reason of Suffering" [Death Solution Productions] - Brutal Death Metal.

DISRUPTED (Swe) "Heavy Death" [Apocalyptic Productions] - Death Metal.

DIVINE CODEX (Ita) "Ante Matter" [War Arts Productions] - Fast blasting songs with sick and obscure atmosphere. Featuring members of Malfeitor, Setherial and with a very special vocal and instrumental contribution by Attila Csihar. Black Metal.

EBOLA (Pol) "Infernal Revelation" [Old Temple] - Satanik Death Metal. Fukk!

EMBRACE OF THORNS (Grc) "Atonement Ritual" [Nuclear War Now! Productions] - Bestial Black/Death Metal! Fukk!

ENTRAPMENT (Nld) "Irreligious Infestation (Demo Sessions 2010-2014)" [Godeater Records / The Crawling Chaos Records] - Great Death Metal. Contains 18 track of rare demos and long sold out material and a 12-sided booklet with old pictures and other stuff.
Price: 20 PLN / 5 Euro / 6 USD 

ETERNAL HELCARAXE (Irl) "To Whatever End" [Self-Released] - Very good Pagan Black Metal.

EVIL PRIEST (Per) "Evil Priest" [Caverna Abismal Records] - Death Metal.
Price: 30 PLN / 7 Euro / 8 USD

EXTIRPATION (Esp) "Tormentor Supreme Black Katharsis" [Infernal Kaos Productions] - Old School Black/Death Metal.

FERMENTO (Esp) "Insignia" [Voliac Records] - Death/Grind from Spain! Arghhh!

FILTHDIGGER (Nor) "Damned By The Living Dead" [Cavernous Records] - 6 tracks/24 Minutes of putrid, raw, intense death metal inspired by REPULSION, old AUTOPSY and HELLHAMMER. Fukk!


FREEZING BLOOD (Pol) "Altar of Goat" [Fallen Temple] - Morbid Black/Death Metal. Demo 2013 on MCD. Limited to 500 copies.

FROST (Pol) "Trapped in the World" [Werewolf Promotion] - Raw but melodic Heathen Black Metal. Second full lenght album, over 30 minutes and 12-pages colour booklet.

GAUNTLET'S SWORD (Grc) "And Nigth became darker, wilder" [E.E.-Records] - Hellenic Black Metal!

GENOCIDE (Deu) "Apocalyptic Visions" [Van Records] - Raw, sordid Black Metal.

GESTAPO 666 (Fra) "Nostalgiah" [Blackseed Productions] - Black Metal

GOAT SEMEN (Per) "En Vivo En Lima Hell" [From Beyond...] - Hell! Fukk!

GOATHOLOCAUST / VOCIFERIAN (Bel/Fra) "Maître Bouc" [Regimental Records] - Raw Black Metal.

GOATREICH 666 (Ita) "Chaining the last Hopes of Humanity" [Legion Blotan] - Satanik Black Metal. Fukk!

HAKENKREUZ (Aus) "Axis Of Cosmos" [Graveless Slumber Records] - War Metal!

HAMMERGOAT (Bra) "Regeneration through Depopulation..." [Hammer of Damnation] - Fukking Death/Black Metal!

HAYRAS (Fra) "Sombre Destin" [Nykta production] - Raw French Black Metal.

HEGEMOON (Pol) "Tron Zla" [Eastside] - Pagan Black Metal.

HEGEMOON (Pol) "Szaty klamstw" [Werewolf Promotion/Moon Records/Acclaim Records] - Raw, fast Pagan Black Metal from Poland. New album, 45 minutes with 8-pages booklet, limited to 1000.

HELL TORMENT (Per) "Opening The Gates Of Hell" [Crush Until Madness] - Satanik Black/Death Metal.

HERETIC / BESTIAL SUMMONING (Nld) "Splitting Skulls For Satan" [Black Vomit Records] - Black Metal!

HORRIFYING / EXCORIATE (Chl) "A Dismal Journey To The Oblivion" [Apocalyptic Productions] - Death Metal.

HUNTERS MOON (Aus) "The Serpents Lust" MCD [Hells Headbangers Records] - Black Metal.

INFERIS (Chl) "In The Path Of Malignant Spirits" [Old Temple] - Brutal Death Metal.

INFERIS (Chl) "Surrendering Honors To The Black Arts" MCD [Old Temple] - Brutal Death Metal.

INFIDEL (Pol) "Ejaculating Chaos" [Old Temple] - Dath Metal. Arghhh!

JARNVIDR (Swe) "Landzplagor" [Fallen Temple] - Raw and Hateful Black Metal. Limited to 333 copies.

JARNVIDR (Swe) "Närwarelse" [Fallen Temple] - Raw and Hateful Black Metal. Limited to 333 copies.

LEADHAZE (Ukr) "Black Water Path" [Eastside] - Dark Black Metal.

LEGACY (Col) "Metallic Assault" [La Medula Espinal] - Speeeed Metal. Arghhh!

LUGBURZ (Pol) "Triumph of Antichrist" [Circle of Tyrants Records] - Aggressive, blasphemous Black Metal in Norwegian style. Members of Moonrise, Slavland and Swarost hordes.

MEGIDDO (Chl) "Mortuus" [Raw Force Productions] - Satanik black Metal. Fukk!

MERCILESS CRUCIFIXION (Grc) "Aipesis" [BlackSeed Productions] - War Black Metal!

MISANTHROPIC ART (Rus) "Necrohumanity... World Self Finalizing" [Nomos Dei] - Black Metal.

MOLOCH LETALIS (Pol) "Apoteoza Smierci" [Old Temple] - Black/Death Metal.

MONSTRAAT (Swe) "s/t" [Fallen Temple] - Raw Devil Worshiping Black Metal. Limited to 666 hand numbered.

MONSTRAAT (Swe) "The One Eternal" [Fallen Temple] - Raw Devil Worshiping Black Metal. Limited to 333 copies.

MORBID FUNERAL / NECROLISIS / PAGANUS DOCTRINA (Cri) "Deathblast from the Center of Hell" [Occult Rec/Satanic Rec] - Black & Thrash Metal.

NAMELESS (Col) "Threshold of Doom" [Demonic War Cult Productions] - Old Colombian doom death cult for mid 90.

NEBIROS (Deu) "Komando666" [Fallen Angel] - Fukking Black Metal! Fukk!

NECROPSIA (Chl) "Die Fucking Bastard" [WitchHammer] - Brutal Black/Death Metal!

NIHIL DOMINATION / GOATBAPHOMET (Ecu) "Sodomic Goatfuck Inverted Crucifixion" [Inhuman Assault Productions] - Ecuador chaotic Black War Metal. Fukk!

NORDMEN (Can) "Verus Guerrieres" [Nykta production] - Black Metal w in veins of old Graveland and Nargaroth.

NORTH (Pol) "Thorns on the Black Rose" Digi CD [Old Temple] - Pagan Black Metal.

NORTH / GROMOWLADNY (Pol) "Lechia, Slawia, Aria" [Eastside] - Pagan Black Metal.

NORTHDARK (Rus) "Toward The Emptiness" [Eastside] - Raw Black Metal.

NOW (Pol) "Nowia" [Eastside] - Pagan Metal.

NUNSLAUGHTER (USA) "Black" [Hells Headbangers] - Pure Fukking Death Metal!

OPERATION WINTER MIST (Can) "Grand Imperial Strategy" [Die Todesrune Records] - Black Metal.

PAGALGUENNA (Deu) "Dreams" [Nordsturm Productions] - Black/Viking Metal.

PAGAN RITES (Swe) "Embrace The Torments of Hell" [Atolinga Records/Iron Blood & Death Corp.] - Fukking Black/Thrash Metal! Arghhh!

PAGANIZER (Swe) "Basic Instructions For Dying" [Obliteration] - Death Metal.

PALE MIST (GBr) "Where the Darkness Is Praised" [Werewolf Promotion/Sinister Stench Productions/Legion Blotan Records] - Black Metal.

PENSEES NOCTURNES (Fra) "Grotesque" [Ladlo Productions] - Black Metal/Neoclassical.

PERUNWIT (Pol) "Na drodze do sprawiedliwosci" [Eastside] - Folk/Pagan Metal

PERUNWIT (Pol) "Wszystkie odcienie szarosci" [Eastside] - Folk/Pagan Metal.

PERVERSE MONASTYR (Bgr) "Perverse Monastyr / Religious Remorses" [Old Cemetery Records] - Raw, radical Black Metal.

POGROM (Fra) "Mort au peuple" [Nihil Voces Productions] - Good, uncompromising Black Metal.

PREVALENT RESISTANCE (Fin) "Dynamics Of Creation" [Nykta production] - Finnish Black Metal like Clandestine Blaze, Uncreations Dawn, Baptism, or Exordium.

PROFUNDIS TENEBRARUM (Esp) "Hate Decade" [Antichristian Front/Final Embrace] - Black Metal.

PROFUNDIS TENEBRARUM / THE LAST TWILIGHT (Esp) "Hell Bestial Conjuration" [Antichristian Front/Final Embrace] - Black Metal.

QUINTESSENCE (Fra) "Le Fléau de ton Existence" [Nija Art] - Black Metal.

RAHOVART / NURNEN (Chl/Ita) "Fleshless Rituals of Devotion / Scorn and Integrity" [Southern Warfare Records] - Pure Fucking Black Metal!!!

RAPE PILLAGE AND BURN (USA) "Songs Of Death... Songs Of Hell" [Obliteration] - Great Death Metal!

RAVENDARK'S MONARCHAL CANTICLE (Bra) "Sob a Bandeira do Ódio e da Arrogância" [Hammer of Damnation] - Black/Thrash Metal Terror.

RAVENDARK'S MONARCHAL CANTICLE / MISANTHROPIC TRIUMPH (Bra) "Breath of Deadly Silence" [Hammer of Damnation] - Black Metal Terror.

REGNANT AND THRALL (Fra) "Sex Polizei" [Nihil Voces Productions] - Occult Dark/Black Metal!

RIGOR SARDONICOUS (USA) "Principia Sardonica" [Paragon Records] - Very slow, crushing Doom Metal.

SADIZTIK IMPALER (Sgp) "Sadiztik Syonan - to Supremacy" [Ketzer Records] - War Black Metal!

SANGUINEOUS (Aus) "Extinguish the Dying Light of Serenity" [self released] - Crushing Brutal Death Metal!

SEKHMET (Cze) "Pomsta pekelných legií" [Werewolf Promotion] - Raw Black Metal. Debut stuff re-released on CD with two bonus tracks.

SEVERE STORM / SLAVECRUSHING TYRANT (Pol) "We Will Drown the Dawn in Blood" [Werewolf Promotion / Lower Silesian Stronghold] - W.A.R. Black Metal.

SIEGHETNAR (Deu) "Todessehnsucht" [Nordsturm Productions] - Dark, slow Ambient/Black Metal like Vinterriket.

SKAPT AV SKOG (Nor) "s/t" [Fallen Temple] - MCD 1996/2013. Black Metal.

SOMBRE PRESAGE (Fra) "Intégrisme" [Occultum Productions] - Dark Ambient/Industrial.

STORMING STEELS (Mex) "Aggression Thrashing Fist" [Calamity Productions] - Fukking Thrash Metal!

STUMM (Fin) "I" [Aesthetic Death] - Crushing Doooooom Metal!

STWORZ (Pol) "Blask wiecznego Ognia" [Werewolf Promotion] - Pagan Metal.

TANGORODREAM (Ukr) "Twilight Before Sunrise" [Witchcraft Records] - Depressive Doom Black Metal.

TETRAKTYS (Grc) "Voreion Sellas" [Nykta production] - Dark ambient in Ildfrost, Deutsch Nepal, Brighter Death Now style.

THE FALLEN (Chl) "Drowned in an Unknown Meaning of Life and Death" [From the Grave Productions] - The Fallen is an abyss of heavy Death / Doom Metal that will destroy you and condemn your existence to a total misery, with oppressive tunes that evokes a slow and painful DECEASE...for fans of DISEMBOWELMENT, WINTER, PROFANATICA, EVOKEN, BURNING WITCH...

THE HELLISH ARTS OF PERVERSION #2 [The Flaming Arts] - Death, thrash, heavy metal compilation. 22 bands, among the others: Tombthroath, Emeth, Neolith, Feeble Minded, Whichheaven, The Hag, Despise, Sceny of Death, Law Of The Plague, It Leaves...

UNCHRIST (USA) "...On Leather Wings" [Graveless Slumber Records] - Black Metal. Arghh!

VANDOD (Swe) "As" [Ex Mortem Records] - Black/Death Metal!

VEDONIST (Pol) "Awaking to Immortality" [Death Solution Productions] - Death/Thrash Metal.

VORDR (Fin) "II" [Nykta production] - Raw, old-school Black Metal in Ildjarn style.

WEDARD (Deu) "Eiskrieg" [Sabbathid Records] - Slow, Dark Black Metal.

WIJLEN WIJ (Bel) "Wijlen Wij" [Aesthetic Death] - Funeral Doom Metal. Aarghhhh!

WITCH TOMB (USA) "Crippled Messiah" [Die Todesrune Records] - Fukk! Fukk! Fukk!

WOUNDS / PYOVELI (Fin) "Storming Thrash Vengeance" [Witchhammer Productions] - Fukking Thrash Metal!

WRECK OF THE HESPERUS (Irl) "Sunken Threshold" [Aesthetic Death] - Crushing Funeral Doooooom Metal!

WÜRM (Can) "Aux portes de l´agonie" [E.E.-Records] - Raw Black Metal in vein of Burzum.

YAOTL MICTLAN (USA) "Guerreros de la Tierra..." [American Line Productions] - Aztec Death Black Metal!

VINYL ****** VINYL ****** VINYL ****** VINYL

BETRAYER / NEOLITH (Pol) "Beware / Of the Angel and His Orison" split 7" EP [Fallen Temple] - Death Metal.

BY THE SWORD (Fra) "Hellmetal Style" 10" MLP [D.U.K.E.] - Old-school fukkin' Thrash/Death Metal!

BY THE SWORD / HYPOKRAS (Fra) "Metal 'til Death" / "Brutal Deadly Insane" Split LP [D.U.K.E.] - Thrash/Death Metal!

CACODAEMON (Fin) "The Demoniac Invocation" 12" LP [Exh Goetie / D.U.K.E.] - Death Metal. Fukk!

DEATH SKULL (Chl) "Blessed Altar" 7"EP [Iron Bonehead Productions] - Black Fukking Metal. Fukk!
Price: 20 PLN / 5 Euro / 6 USD

DEMONIC CREMATOR (GBr) "My Dying Breath..." 7"EP [Bestial Invasion Records] - Black Metal.
Demonic Cremator
Price: 15 PLN / 4 Euro / 5 USD

DUNGEÖNHAMMER (Fra) / RUST (Swe) "Frozen Wasteland /Summon the Burning" Split 7" EP [Bestial Invasion Records] - Fukking Old School Black Metal / Thrash Metal!
Price: 20 PLN / 5 Euro / 6 USD

ETERNAL ROT (Pol/UK) "Grave Grooves" 7" EP [Fallen Temple] - Death Doom Metal. Fukk!

EVIL SPECTRUM (Per) "Evocations upon Ascending Flames" 7" EP [Destruktor Records] - Death/Thrash Metal. Fukk!

FLAGELADOR / RUINS (Bra/Deu) "Hellraging Hell Metal" [Deathrash Armageddon] - Speed/Thrash/Black Metal!

HIN HALE (Swe) "Beyond" 7" EP [Fallen Temple] Speed Black Metal.

NECROHOLOCAUST / OBEISANCE (USA) "Bringers of Black Genocide" 7"EP [Chalice Of Blood Angel] - Fukk!

NECROMANTICAL SCREAMS (Pol) "Deadly Frost" gatefold 7" EP on heavy vinyl [Fallen Temple] - Doom Metal!

PEK (Bel) "Worship and Obey" 7"EP [Chalice Of Blood Angel] - Pure Death Metal!

SOMBRE PRESAGE (Fra) "Rituel" 7"Ep [Occultum Productions] - Dark Ambient/Industrial.

MC ****** MC ****** MC ****** MC

A.M.S.G. (Can) "The Principle of Evil Becomes the Ideal of the Promethean" [Supremacy Through Intolerance] - Black Metal.

ABERRANTE (Pan) "Convulsiones necrológicas" [PUS Records] - Death Metal.

ABIGAIL / FLESH CULT (Jpn / Srb) "Magnificence in Luciferian Fierceness" [Jesboligakurac Records] - Black/Thrash/Speed Metal. Limited to 50 copies.
Price: 20 PLN / 5 Euro / 6 USD

ABJVRATION (Fra) "The Unquenchable Pyre" [Impious Desecration Records] - Death/Doom Metal.

ABVUL ABASHY (Sgp) "Stormhymn Altarlust Perversion" [Karpatia Productions] - Obscene Black Metal. Fukk!

ABYSSUM (Gtm) "In Darkness we will forever be..." [After Many Funerals] - Great Black Metal! Darkness... Fukk!

ACRIMONIOUS (Grc) "Perdition Gospel" [Nuclear Winter Records] - Black Metal.

AETERNUS ODIUM (Bra) "Sado Lucifer" [Morbid Reasons 666 Productions] - Black Metal in vein of Darkthrone.

AFFLICTIS LENATE (Fra) "No escape from the jaws of hell" [Maltkross] - Thrash/Black Metal.

AGONIA PRE-MORTEM (Esp) "Demo 2010" [Filthy Cave Records] - Great, Brutal old-school Death Metal!
Price: 15 PLN / 4 Euro / 5 USD

 AHNENHAMMER (Aut) "Seelenwinter" [Iron Scourge] - Black Metal.

AKRAMEN (Chl) "Esclavos del Nuevo Orden" [Fistbang Records] - Fast, spontaneous Thrash Metal.

ALMIGHTY EMPEROR (Bra) "At Battlefields of the Abyssal Realm" [Diabolous Productions] - Black Metal.

ANCESTOR (Cub) "In Absence of Light" [Intifernal Records] - Black Metal.

AQUAM IGNI (Per) "Multus Liber" [Magistellus Infernal Prod.] - Ambient. Darkness...

APOPTOSIS (Bol) "Apoptosis" [Morbillus Records] - Death Metal.

ARCADA (Per) "Serpent's Void" [Destruktor Records] - Black Metal.

ARMED DEATH (Grc) "Return 1991-93...2006..." [Goat Music Rec] - Great Black/Death Metal!

ARTES NEGRAS (Arg) "Let There Be Death" [Nekrowhoregasmic Noize] - Old-school Thrash/Black Metal.

ATAVISMA (Fra) "Where Wolves Once Dwelled" [Nihilistic Holocaust] - Old-school Death/Doom metal, mainly inspired by Swedish Death Metal hell.

AUSTRAL (Chl) "Abhorrence to the Lambs of God Iconoclast & Misery" [Cryptic Visions Arts] - Black Metal

BAEL (Bol) "Caida de Cristo" [Diabolous Productions] - Dark Black Metal.

BALBERITH (Sgp) "Rites of Blasphemy" [Sabbathid Records] - Great Satanic Thrash/Black Metal! Band of Khaal of Ravage Records.

BALMOG (Esp) "The Discipline of Pestilent Rats: Demo Archives" [I Hope You Die] - Great Black Metal. Compilation tape with materials from "The Discipline & Poetry of Pest" (Demo 2006) and "Pestilent Rats for Your Moribund Children" (Demo 2007).
Price: 22 PLN / 5 Euro / 6 USD

BAPHOMILITIA (Tur) "Baphomilitia" [Underground Resistance] - Death/Black Metal.

BARAXETANOL (Fin) "Narcissistik Misantropikal Supremacy" [Wolfsvuur Records] - Black Metal.

BARBATOS / POWER MAD (Jpn/Ita) "Rehersal in Tokyo 4th October 2014" / "Terror Nation reHELLsal, October,2014" - Cult japanese black/speed metal vs. Anti-life italian thrashcore/grindcore, exclusive traxxx for each band in this release, 100 handnumbered tapes on red and black xeroxed covers with stickered tapes, old school cut'n'paste layout!!!

BATTLESTORM (Sgp) "Violating Angels" [Deathrash Armageddon] - Death/Black Metal.

BEAST PETRIFY (Sgp) "In the Circle Of time" [self released] - Great Speed/Thrash Metal.

BELLICUS DAEMONIACUS (Bra) "O Grande Anjo Revelde" [Morbid Reasons 666 Productions] - Pure Fucking Black Metal!

BEMDESAR (Bol) "Â Glorificando a Satanas!!!" [Intifernal Records] - Pure Fucking Black Metal!

BESATT (Pol) "Sacrifice for Satan" [SGOH] - Pure Fucking Black Metal!

BESATT (Pol) / DUB BUK (Ukr) / INFERNO (Cze) / IMMORTAL HAMMER (Svk) / NEGURA BUNGET (Rou) / VERDELETH (Hun) "Scream of the Eastern Lands" [SGOH] - Black Metal.

BESTIAL (Rus) "Satanic Metal" [Oupiric Productions] - Old-school Black/Thrash Metal.

BESTIAL DEVASTATOR (Deu) / DULVEL (Col) "Black Speed Alliance" [Metal Throne Productions] - Black/Thrash Metal & Black/Speed Metal/Punk.

BESTIAL DEVASTATOR (Deu) "Merciless Attacker" [Roots Active Productions] - Black/Thrash Metal.

BESTIAL HOLOCAUST (Bol) "Final Extermination" [Rawblackult Productions] - Great Black/Thrash Metal!

BESTIAL MÖLESTOR (Bra) "The Malefic Vomit of Satan" [Infernal Kommando] - Satanik Black/Death Metal. Fukk!

BESTIAL VOMIT (Per) "Demonologia" [Doommaniac Productions / Nightmare Underground Productions] - Black/Death Metal.

BILSKIRNIR (Deu) "Ahnenerbe" [Old Pride Records / Gates To Valhalla] - Pagan Black Metal.

BLACK ALTAR (Pol) "Black Altar" [Odium Records] - Black Metal.

BLACK ANGEL (Per) "Beyond From Beyond" [Sabbathid Records] - Pure Black Metal!

BLACK ANGEL (Per) "From the Darkness" [Oniric Records] - Pure Black Metal!

BLACK ANGEL (Per) "Rites" [Furia Records] - Re-edtion of demo '97. Pure Black Metal.

BLACK ANGEL / BLACK EMPIRE (Per/Mex) - Split tape [Satanic Records] - Black Metal/Black Thrash Metal!

BLACK ANGEL (Per) "Apocalyptic Rehearsal" [Time Before Time] - Official rehearsal demo of this oldest Peruvian Black Metal cult!!! Pure South American Black Metal Madness!

BLACK BLEEDING (Bel) "A Bright Future" [Nihilistic Holocaust] - Black Death Metal.

BLACK BLESSING (Fin) "Black Metal Propaganda" [Wolfsvuur Records] - Raw, sordid Black Metal. Azaghal members.

BLACK FEAST (Fin) "Worship Of Darkness" [Witchhammer Productions] - Black/Death Metal. Fukk!

BLACK HORDES SCORN (Pry) "Live Scorn V-II-XI" [Destruktor Records] - Live-Tape. Satanik Death Metal.

BLACK SERPENT (Aus) "Nightside Cosmology" [BRP/Iron Hammer Zine] - Occult Black/Death Metal.

BLACKSSTORM / PAGAN ASSAULT (Fra) "Cruce Signati" [Drakkar Productions] - Raw Black Metal / dark Black / Pagan.

BLACKWHOLE (Deu) "Another Starless Night/Spees Graben" [Fallen Temple] - Doom Metal.

BLASFEMADOR (Bra) "Ataque do Metal Maníaco" [Maltkross Productions] - Speed Metal.

BLOOD STAINED DUSK (USA) "Continuance of Evil" [Propaganda Prod] - Satanic Black Metal!

BLOODLUST (Aus) "Death Magic Rites" [Bullets & Spikes] - Black/Thrash Metal!
Price: 22 PLN / 5 Euro / 6 USD

BLOODLUST (Aus) "At the Devil's Left Hand" [Caverna Abismal Records] - Second album of Australia's Bloodlust. Old-school Black/Thrash straight from the fiery depths of Hell.
Price: 25 PLN / 6 Euro / 7 USD

BLOODTOMB (Ned) "Ceremonial Sacrifice" [Rites of Doom Productions] - Black/Death Metal.

BLOODY RITUAL (Can) "Hail Victory" [Wolfsvuur Records] - Black Metal.

BLOODY SACRIFICE (Chl) "Flama de Inalterable Victoria" [Tenebrarum Consacratio] - Black/Death Metal!
Price: 22 PLN / 5 Euro / 6 USD

BONEHAMMER (Blr) "Through Blood" MC [Aeon of Horus Productions] - 4 tracks of Black and Death Metal of Doom in the vein of forgotten Goatblood plus Beherit cover. Special package and bonus sticker included.
Price: 25 PLN / 6 Euro / 7 USD

BOG BODY (USA) "Through The Burial Bog" [Independent] - The hammer and nails of ritual death. The noose around the moon and the spade to bury the sun. Bog Body is made flesh with bass, drums, and voices. Fukk!
Price: 25 PLN / 6 Euro / 7 USD

BRILLIANT COLDNESS (Ukr) "Beyond Eternity" [Dead Center Productions] - Raw Death Metal.

BULLET (Swe) "Speeding in the Night" [Salva Productions] - Heavy Metal/Hard Rock. Fukk!

BURIAL HORDES (Grc) "Devotion To Unholy Creed" [Atolinga Records/Iron Blood & Death Corp.] - Fukking Black Metal! Arghhh!

BURIAL SHADES (Rus) "To The Fleshes Of My Livid Everything" [Beverina Productions] - Dark Symphonic Death/Doom Metal.

BURNING HATRED (Nld) "Carnage" MC [Morbid Skull Records] - Dutch Death Metal, debut album.
Price: 25 PLN / 6 Euro / 7 USD

CASCANIA (Svk) "Demo 2002" [Suicide Taste Productions] - Atmospheric Gothic/Doom Metal.

CEMETERY FOG (Fin) "Journey to Hell" [Akne Productions] - Death/Doom/Black in the old school way from Finland.
Cemetery Fog 
Price: 22 PLN / 5 Euro / 6 USD

CHAINSAW (Chl) "The Announcement" [Proselytism] - Satanik Black Metal. Fukk!

CHAOSBAPHOMET / WARGOAT / EMBRACE OF THORNS / BETHOR (Grc) "Feast Of The Diabolical" [De Umbris Productions] - Fukking Black/Death Metal. Fukk!

CHÁSKELS (Chl) "An Approach to the Hallucinatory Dimension of the Wise Buried Past" [Till You Fukkin Bleed] - Death Metal.

CHRISTIAN KILLER (USA) "Diabolical Satanic Warcommand" [Rawblackkult Productions] - Raw, sordid Death/Black Metal from United States!

CHRISTSLAUGHTER (Deu) "Unholy Nightmare" [self released] - Raw, obscure Black/Thrash Metal.

COCAINE COWBOYS (Ita) "Metal War!" [Maltkross] - Thrash/Speed Metal. Arghhh!

COFFIN TERROR (Fra) "Demo 2010" [self released] - Old school Death Metal.

COITUS DIABOLI (Fra) "Goat Cult" [Witchhammer Productions] - Black/Death Metal. Fukk!

COLD GRIM (CRi) "When Desolation Turns Incessant" [Blazing Obscurity] - Black Metal.

CONFRONTATION (Nld) "Aggregat 4" [Vonfrost Records] - Death Doom Metal. Fukk!

CONJURATION (Fin) "Demo I" [Slava Productions] - Re-edtion of demo '04 with a bonus track. Blackened Heavy Metal!

COPROFAGI (Fin) "Scathology" [Atomic Butthole/B.K.D. Prod] - Fukking Death/Gore!

CORPSEHAMMER (Swe) "Posesión" [Morbid Skull Records] -   Corpsehammer is a swedish/chilean death metal band based in Dalarna, Sweden and the concept behind this unholy union is to glorify and pay tribute to the old and evil days of the metal scene such as South American and Australian madness and old, filthy and bleak death and black metal in general. The madness continues... 
Price: 25 PLN / 6 Euro / 7 USD

CORPSEHAMMER (Swe) "Perversión" [Morbid Skull Records] Corpsehammer is a swedish/chilean death metal band based in Dalarna, Sweden and the concept behind this unholy union is to glorify and pay tribute to the old and evil days of the metal scene such as South American and Australian madness and old, filthy and bleak death and black metal in general. The madness continues...
Price: 25 PLN / 6 Euro / 7 USD

CORPUS CHRISTII (Prt) "Rising" [Propaganda Productions] - Satanic Black Metal!

CREATION OF DESTRUCTION (Swe) "French Edition Tape 2010" [Nuclear Thrash Productions] - Old school Death/Thrash Metal.

CROSSODOMIZER (Ita) "We need the ass of jesus" [self released] - Intensive, good Black Metal in fast and mid tempos.

CULT OF ERINYES (Bel) - "Tiberivs Tape" [Caverna Abismal Records] - New conceptual album by ritualistic black metallers Cult Of Erinyes.

CVLTIST (Esp) "Demo II" [Von Frost Records] - The 2nd amazing demo from the dark cult black metal band Cvltist.

DAEMONLORD (Esp) "Hellfire Centuries" [Old Cemetery Records] - Fast, brutal Black Metal.

DARK DOMINATION (Lva) "Blasphemy" [Hallucination' Zine] - Black Metal.

DARK MORDOR (Svk) "Agónia" [Atomic Vision Records] - Old speed/thrash metal from Slovakia, demo from 1994 + 5 bonus songs, totally kickass song structures and uncompromising fast parts.

DARKNESS / MEPHISTO / VTA (Ita) "Archdukes Of Hell vol. I" [Shadow Dance Records] - Old school Thrash Metal!

DARKTHRONE (Nor) "Evil Past" - Demo "Land Of Frost", "Thulcandra" and "Snowfall" track. Pure fucking Death Metal!

DAŽD (Srb) "Demo Trake" [Odmetik] - Doom/Thrash Metal/Crust.

DEATH CORPSE (Bol) "Brutal Deceso" [Morbillus Records] - Death Metal.

DEATH INVOKER (Per) "Demo 2010" [Time Before Time] - 2nd demo tape of this pure Southamerican and Satanic old school and bestial Black/Death/Thrash Metal assault!

DEATH MECHANISM (Ita) "War Crimes" [Maltkross] - Thrash Metal. Featuring member of Bulldozer, Children of Technology.

DEATH SKULL (Chl) "Nocturnal Desecrate Rituals" [Death Division Rituals] - Pure Fukking Death Metal!

DECAYING (Fin) "The Forgotten Conflict" [Till You Fukkin Bleed] - Death Metal!

DEFLAGRATOR (Ita) "Terror Grave Emanations" [Rawblackult Productions] - Black/Thrash Metal.

DEIPHAGO (Phl) "Filipino Antichrist" [Unholy Blasphemies Productions] - Satanik Black Metal. Fukk!

DEMENTOR (Svk) "The Church Dies" [Akne Productions] - Re-released debut album (after 20 years!) this death metal band from Slovakia!

DEMENTOR (Svk) "Damned" [Akne Productions] - 7 album of this one of the best death metal band from Slovakia, tape version their cd.

DEMOGORGON (Deu) "Nanie" [Total Consecration Of The Ibex Throne Prod] - Pure Black Metal.

DEMOLIZER (Svk) "Possessed" [In League With Satan Productions] - Black/Speed Metal!

DEMONIC (Phi) "Demonic Death Metal" [Time Before Time] - Raw Death Metal.

DEMONOMANCY (Ita) "Bearers Of Black Arts" [RawBlacKult] - Fukking Black/Death Metal.

DENIAL OF GOD (Dnk) "The Ghouls of DOG" [Oupiric Records] - Pure Black Metal! 4 bonus tracks.

DENIM AND LEATHER (Bra) "Set the Spirit Free" [Slava Productions] - Great Brazilian traditional heavy metal established since '98, inspired and influenced primarily by the NWOBHM movement! Contains altogether 15 songs, and between them cool cover songs of classic bands like Motorhead, Saxon, Tygers Of Pan Tang and Witchfinder General! This is pure, raw and just fucking honest heavy metal for every serious headbanger and leather maniac!

DENOUNCEMENT PYRE (Aus) "Hells Infantry" [Unholy Blasphemies Productions] - War Black/Death Metal. Fukk!

DESOLATE ONE (USA) "Desolate One" [Darkness Shade Records] - Black/Death Metal.

DEUS IGNOTUS / ABNORM (Grc/Fra) "Reflexions on Nothingness" [De Umbris Productions] - Inspired and raw black metal from the Greek Deus Ignotus, versus talented and devastating black/death metal from the French Abnorm.

DEVIL LEE ROT / AUTOPSY TORMENT (Swe) "Headbangers in Italy" [Terror From Hell] - Blackened Heavy Metal/ Black Thrash Metal.

DISGORGE (Mex) "Necroholocaust" [Hrom Records] - Great Gore/Death/Grind!

DOOMORTALIS (Mex) "The Unknown Somber Magnetism" [Bloodmonk Rite Productions] - Death/Doom Metal. DOOMORTALIS was formed in Irapuato (Mexico) by members of Necroccultus and the old Mexican Death-Doom legend Supplicium. Their first demo recording from 2013 is now released on professional manufactured audio cassette edition limited to 200 copies. Prepare for five tracks of engaging, murky and relentless Doom Death Metal radiating with the undeniable stench of the old Death Metal underground.

DRAUG (USA) "Draug" [Plague Tapes] - Death Metal.

DRUIDUS (Can) "Bestial Crust" [Till You Fukkin Bleed] - Black/Death Metal. Druidus demo brings observations of eerie ritual chants by inhabitants of unexplored Canada interior vaults. Proceed with caution - 3 tracks + cover of Black Witchery will get thee what can be described in 3 words: War, Chaos, Destruktion and Blasphemy. Ok, there are 4 words.

DRUNK EARTH (Grc) "Returnable bottle" [Fistbang Records] - Drunk'n'roll.

DUB BUK (Ukr) "Idu na Wy!" [Eastside] - Pagan Black Metal.

EJECUTOR (Chl) "Tiempo profano... tiempo divino" [Destruktor Records] - Death/Thrash Metal!

ELIMINATOR / FORNICATION (Ltu/Can) "Bomb Raiding Hell Metal" [Volcanic Slut] - Thrash Metal.

EMBRACE OF THORNS (Grc) "Atonement Ritual" [Nuclear Winter Records] - Fukk! Fukk! Fukk!
Embrace of Thorns 
Price: 25 PLN / 6 Euro / 7 USD

EMBRACE OF THORNS (Grc) "Darkness Impenetrable" [From Beyond WR Productions & Kill Yourself Productions] - Fukk!
Embrace of Thorns
Price: 25 PLN / 6 Euro / 7 USD

ENFEEBLEMENT (Pol) "Virus" [Accusabilis Records] - Grind/Death Metal on very high mark.

ENGULFED (Tur) "Through The Eternal Damnation" [Gravplass Propaganda] - Old School Death Metal.

ENTSETZLICH (Aus) "Forest of Despair" [Wolfsvuur Records] - Black Metal.

ENUCLEATOR (USA) "Demo 2016" [Cavernous Records] - Bestial black/death metal from Rhode Island, USA featuring former and current members of Amputator, Sangus, Witch King etc.

ESCARNIUM / INSIDE HATRED (Bra) "Celebrating the World of Decadence" [Till You Fukkin Bleed] - Brutal Death Metal.

ESCARNIUM (Bra) "Excruciating Existence" [Narrowards] -  Escarnium is perfecting the art of combining unbriddled South American death Metal aggression with the skilled Scandinavian perfection. As an bonus the band decided to include 2 exclusive live tracks for this edition.

ETERNAL DEVASTATION (Bra) "Beware the Doom" [Maltkross] - Death/Thrash Metal.

EVILNASTY (Ita) "Blasphemia Canorae" [Metallatria Distribution] - Satanic Black Metal strongly inspired by Hellhammer, Celtic Frost and Venom.

EVIL DAMN (Per) "Through Black Abysses" [Atolinga Records] - Pure Fukking Death Metal!

EVIL MADNESS (Chl) "Maze Of Souls" [Black Goat Terrorist 666] - Evil Thrasing Metal Of War. Rapid Speed Thrash in the Vein of the Ancient Kreator, this album contains 9 songs + 2 bonus in Live of Tharsh Metal Devastator in tape limited to 333 hand numbered copies.

EVOKED CURSE / FREEZING FOG (Fin/Grc) [Herege Warfare Productions] - Pure Fukking Black/Heavy Metal!

EXCORIATE (Chl) "... Of the ghastly stench" [Nihilistic Holocaust] - Old school Death/ Doom Metal.

EXCRUCIATION (Che) "Life of immortality'87" [The Ritual Productions] - Live from the famous Sargans festival incl. Sodom, Messiah, Minotaur, Excruciation & Apocalypse in 1987!

EXEKRATOR (Dnk) "Ordo Bestiae" [Misanthropic Propaganda Prod] - Spontaneous Thrash/Heavy Metal on up to the mark!

EXORCISED (Srb) "Reflections Of Horror" [Odmetnik] - Old school Death Metal. Fukk!

EXTERMINATORIUM / NECROBSCURE (Bra) "South America Inferno Attack" [Till You Fukkin Bleed] - Pure Brutal Death Metal!

FALLEN ARKANE (Fra) "Death to progress" [Nuclear Thrash Records] - Black Metal.

FEU GREGEOIS (Fra) "Guerres Franques" [Drakkar Productions] - Great, mystical Black/Death Metal!

FILTHEATER (USA) "Tenebrae" [Plague Tapes] - Death Metal.

FLAGELADÖR (Bra) "A Noite do Ceifador" [Herege Warfare Productions] - Speed/Thrash Metal.

FLOODED CHURCH OF ASMODEUS / NECROCANNIBALISTIC VOMITORIUM (Fin / Ukr) "Church of the Wrong / ... And Forest Still Cry" [Horns & Hoofs Records] - Blasphemy Noise/Black Metal / Pornogrind. Arghhh!

FORCE FED (USA) "Force Fed" [Necrolatry Records] - The first demo tape from these death metal fiends hailing from Indiana, USA.  The 3 tracks in this demo invokes the best of the early-mid 90s Florida and New York Death Metal heyday such as Death, Suffocation and Monstrosity. Precise, fast and sonically proficient – these guys are a force to be reckoned with, do check out this gem of a demo. Black-shelled pro-tape pressing of 200 copies worldwide.

FOREVER WINTER (Fin) "Dark Minstrels" [Daimonion Records] - Black/Thrash/Heavy Metal.

FOREVER WINTER (Fin) "Of Battles Unseen" [War Productions] - Very good realized Black/Heavy/Thrash Metal.

FOREVER WINTER (Fin) "Towards the Gates of Hell" [Swordslain] - Black/Thrash/Heavy Metal

FORGOTTEN WORDS (Swe) "Dressed in Flames" [Blazing Obscurity] - Death/Black Metal.

FREEZING FOG (Grc) "Hellish Rites" [self released] - Old school Death/Black Metal in vein of Hellhammer, Bathory, Samael, Varathron, Nun Slaughter...

FROSTMOON ECLIPSE (Ita) "Death Is Coming" [Akne Productions] - Very good, agressive Black Metal with a small keys amount.

GALLOWER (Pol) "Through the Gallows" [Fukk] - Black/Thrash Metal.

GAROTED (USA) "Praise Hate, Praise Murder, Praise the Beast" [Herege Warfare Productions] - 11 tracks of intense and furious Death/Black Metal like it was done by the old legends Incantation, Vader, Deicide. Comes with 2 live tracks (recorded in April 2011) and a Vader cover song (Wings).

GHAST (GBr) "May the Curse Bind" [Sinister Stench] - Great Black/Doom Metal!

GHASTLY (Fin) "Death is Present" [Blackemma Music] - Great Death Metal!

GOAT SYNAGOGUE (Grc) "Inheritors of the Morbid Arts" [Goatmarch Distro] - Hellenic black metal in the vein of the old greek gods (THOU ART LORD, MORTIFY, VARATHRON), expect no clear sound no digital format!!!

GOAT TYRANT (Pol) "Thy Summoning of Three Demonic Rituals" [Slava Productions] - Pure Fukking Death Metal. Arghhh!

GOATFAGO / BAPHOMATION (Dnk) "Demo #2/Baphomations Vomit" [Silver Key Records] - Fukk! Fukk! Fukk!

GOATFAGO / GORPHYRYAC (Dnk/USA) "Goatshark Abominator" [Silver Key Records] - Fukk!

GOATHORNED (Blr) "G.G.G." MC [Aeon of Horus Productions] - 7 tracks of Black and Death Metal in the vein of Teitanblood, Morbosidad, Proclamation, Revenge and Blasphemy completed with Black Witchery cover and unholy rituals. Special package, pro-tape as usual.

GOATLUST (Bra) "The Lust Of The Goat" [Goatlust] - Extreme Black Metal inspired by Beherit.

GOATOIMPURITY (Chl) "Impious Rehearsal" [Black Goat Terrorist 666] - Hell! Fukk!

GOATSIGNAL (Fin) "Marriage of Eve and the Serpent" [Wolfsvuur Records] - Black/Noise!

GRIPPIUD (Aus) "Greatest Evil 666" [Fistbang Records] - Death/Doom/Heavy Metal. Fukk!

GRONDE (Fra) "Gronde" [Impious Desecration Records] - Black/Thrash Metal.

HADEZ (Per) "Doomsday: The Death Rides" [Rawblackult Productions] - Pure Fukking Black/Death Metal!

HAIL SATAN (Aus) "Nekro Metal" [Unholy Blasphemies Prod.] - Thrash/Black Metal. Fukk!

HANDFUL OF HATE (Ita) "Goetia Summa" [Dyna Records] - Black Metal.

HAMVAK (Hun) "I" MC [Fekete Terror Productions/Neverheard Distro] - Demo 2017. Black/Death Metal.

HARRIDAN (Esp) "Death's Sonnet" [Oniric Records] - Uncompromising, extreme Black Metal!

HARSGATHYR / YSOREX (Deu) "Nordlandkrieger" [Nordsturm Productions] - Pagan Black Metal / raw Black Metal.

HATEVOMIT (Tur/Mex/Cyp) "Necrövömit" [Till You Fukkin Bleed] - Black/Death Metal.

HATEWORK (Ita) "The First Strikes of Hate" [Kuravilú Productions] - Thrash Metal.

HATI (Deu) "Auf in den Kampf"

HEADFIRST (Fra) "The sound of agony" [The Ritual Productions] - Old school Thrash metal feat. Affliction Gate members.

HEGEMOON (Pol) "Bogobójca" [Total War] - Pagan Black Metal.

HELL'S BOMBER (Hrv) "Raidhearsal" [self released] - Thrash, Rock & Roll. Fukk!

HELLCHANT (Nld) "Temple of Abominations" [Rites of Doom Productions] - Black/Death Metal.

HEXECUTOR (Fra) "First Hexecution" [Impious Desecration Records] - Thrash Metal.

HIVER NOIR (Fra) "For the dead times..." [Drakkar Productions] - Raw, sordid Black Metal.

HOSTIS HUMANI GENERIS (Fin) "Ceremonial Sacrifice" [Necrolatry Records] - From the most obscure depths of the Old Finnish Death Metal abyss, Hostis Humani Generis brings forth their 2nd demo – Ceremonial Sacrifice. 3 tracks of low-end and abrupt rhythmic incantations caught on black-shelled pro-tape in a pressing of 200 copies worldwide.

HUMAN DEATH (Prt) "Necrosexual Torment" [War Productions] - Raw, sordid Black Metal!

HUMAN SERPENT (Grc) "The Gradual Immersion in Nihilism" [Funeral Chants Productions] - Black Metal.

HUMAN SERPENT (Grc) "Inhumane Minimalism" [Funeral Chants Productions] - Black Metal.

HUMAN SERPENT (Grc) / BLACK WINTER (Grc) "Conscious Self Destruction of the New World" [Funeral Chants Productions] - Black Metal & Black/Death Metal.

HUNGER (Pol) "Omnia Moritur" [Zly Demiurg] - Black Metal.

HYPOMAINIE (Nld) "I Am Alone With You" [Wolfsvuur Records] - Black Metal.

ICON BLOOD (Swe) "They Will Kill" [self released] - Death Metal. Arghhh!

IMPALED ANGEL (Chl) "Unholy War Against Fucking God" [For The Devil Productions] - Black/Thrash Metal.

IMPERIAL (Fra) "Aggressors... not Followers" [Rawblackult Productions] - Thrash Metal.

IMPURATION (Tur) "Sancticies We Raped" [Gravplass Propaganda] - Grim and blasphemous death thrash in analogue version!

INCRIMINATED (Fin) "Ride of the Tyrants" [Time Before Time] - Black/Thrash/Death Metal.

INCRIMINATED (Fin) "Orgy Of The Perverted" [Slava Productions] - Raw, sordid Black/Thrash/Death Metal. Compilation of 7" EP, split 7" EP & split CD tracks.

INDOMITUS / MORTINATUM (Esp) - Split tape [Oniric Records] - Devastating Pure Satanic Black Metal!

INHUMANISED [Nld] "Putrefaction into Absurdity" [Necrolatry Records] - The first Inhumanized demo, Putrification Into Absurdity. Total Death Metal, Total pro release tapes. Featuring Michel, the mastermind behind Entrapment and Willem (Rotten Casket) on vocals, this is pure mid-tempo malevolence in the veins of Rottrevore, Grave(early), Crematory(Swe), Abhorrence(Fin)...
Price: 25 PLN / 6 Euro / 7 USD

INFERNAL EXECRATOR (Sgp)"Thy Demonization Conquers" [De Umbris Productions] - Blasphemy! Execration! Chaos! Hatred! Fukk!

INFERNAL EXECRATOR / IMPERIAL TYRANTS (Sgp) "The Enlightenment" [Unholy Blasphemies Productions] - Black/Death Metal.

INSIDE (Mal) "Rocking (Metalkoholic) Demon" [Apocalypse Venomous Records] - Black/Death/Thrash Metal.

INSINERATEHYMN (USA) "A Moment in a Vision" [Kulto de Media Noche / Analog Overdose Records] - Rotten Death Metal from putrid and obscure crypts of L.A. Raw and horrid debut album.
Price: 25 PLN / 6 Euro / 7 USD

INTERFEKTOR (USA) "Symphonie Des Grauens" [Drakkar Productions] - Raw Black Thrash Metal!

IRON SPELL (Chl) "Electric Conjuring" [Roots Active Productions] - Heavy Metal.

ISTIDRAJ (Sgp) "Blasphemous Ritual" [Black Vomit Rex.] - Black Metal.

IVES (USA) "Abadon" [Primal Vomit Records] - Great Black Metal.

KATHGOR (Mys) "The Lord Of Infernal Blasphemy" [Terror From Hell] - Fukking Death Metal. Arghhh!

KATHGOR (Mys) "Invocation" [Necrolatry Records] - Old School Death Metal band from Malaysia. As a continuation from their previous two demos (2009’s Descendants From The Depth and 2011’s The Lord Of Internal Blasphemy), the two tracks on Invocation were originally recorded in 2014 and now presented to you in the form of a demo tape. Limited to 200 copies worldwide on pro black-shelled tape.
Price: 22 PLN / 5 Euro / 6 USD

KILLERS (Fra) "Habemus Metal" [Rawblackkult Productions] - Speed Metal/Heavy Metal!

KOLTUM (Prt) "Funeral of Flesh" [Herege Warfare Productions] - Unholy Black Metal, from one of the most extreme BM bands from Portuguese. Expect no mercy on this release. Tape with bonus track.

KORIHOR / ABIGAIL (Phl/Jpn) "Alkoholik Metal Blasphemers" [Slava Productions] - Thrash/Black. Fukk!

KOSA (Ukr) "Evilabsorption" [Propaganda Prod] - Pure Satanic Black Metal!

KRANIUM DIABOLIKUM (Prt) "Entering the Chambers..." [self released] - Obscure Death Metal!

KULTO MALDITO (Bol) "Jódete Jesús" [Xerpens reX Produktions] -Death/Black Metal. Fukk!

LABATUT / KABARAH (Bra) "Zhym Nphill / Black Metal Command" [Time Before Time] - Black Metal.

LEGACY OF BLOOD (Pol) "Divine Proclamation" [Terror Propaganda] - Black Metal.

LEICHENGOTT / LEGACY OF BLOOD (Pol) [Hammer of Hell] - Black Metal.

LIGFAERD (Dnk) "Med Dod For Oje" [Silver Key Records/Phlegm Productions] - Fukking Pure Black Metal! Arghhh!
Price: 22 PLN / 5 Euro / 6 USD

LIVE BURIAL (GBr) "Live Burial" [Till You Fukkin Bleed] - Death/Doom Metal.

LOBOTOMY (Mal) "Speed Metal Warfare" [Witchhammer Productions] - Thrash/Speed Metal.
Price: 22 PLN / 5 Euro / 6 USD

LUCIFUGE (Fin) "Kärsimyksen evankeliumi" [Abandon Tapes] Released originally in 2014 as a demo cd-r and sold out quickly, now reissued as pro-tape. The project is dead. This reissue is the final nail on the coffin. Finnish Black Metal.
Price: 22 PLN / 5 Euro / 6 USD

LUCIFUGUM (Ukr) "Involtation" [Propaganda Productions] - Raw, sordid Pure Black Metal.

LUCIFUGUM (Ukr) "Sectane Satani" [Propaganda Productions] - Satanic Black Metal!

LUSITANIA (Fra) "Allegorie" [self released] - Dark atmosperic ambient.

MALEFIC ORDER (Tur) "Siddet - Nefret - Yikim" [Diabolous Productions] - Raw Black Metal.

MANDINGAZO (Chl) "Death Metal Punishment" [Thanatology Productions] - Very good, brutal, dark Death Metal!!! Re-edition whit 2 unreleased tracks.

MARBLEBOG (Hun) "Forestheart" [Karpatia Productions] - Pagan Black Metal in veins of Graveland, Burzum...

MARTWA AURA (Pol) "Tenebrae Divine" [Total War] - Black Metal.

MENTAL DEVASTATION (Chl) "Brain Wash" [Descarga Metalica] - Thrash Metal.

MERCILLESS / BLOODSTONE / TORTURA (Bra/Sgp/Mex) "Join The Thrash Army!" [Nuclear Thrash Prod] - Great Thrash Metal! Arghhh!

METAL KING (Col) "The Blood Of A Living Past" [Rawblackult] - Heavy Metal!

MIXOMATOSIS / AUDIORREA (Esp) "Split tape" [Roots Active Prod] - Death Metal/Gridcore!

MOBILIZER (Idn) "Kembali Kepada Tuhan" [Roots Active Productions] - Great Brutal Death Metal! Arghhh!
Price: 15 PLN / 4 Euro / 5 USD

MODER (Deu) "Ewiger Tod" [Moder] - Great Death Metal. Arghhh!

MONUMENT OF BONES (USA) "Cemetary Dirges" [Till you fukin bleed] - Death Metal.

MORANNON (Deu) "...The Last Days" [Total Consecration Of The Ibex Throne Prod] - Dark Black Metal.

MORBID BLOOD KULT (Deu) "Bestial Ritual" [Penetration Hammer] - Death/Black Metal in the veins of Necroholocaust, Blasphemophagher...
Price: 25 PLN / 6 Euro / 7 USD

MORBID HOLOCAUST (Chl) "Morbid Holocaust" [For The Devil Productions] - Raw, obscure Black/Thrash Metal.

MORBID HOLOCAUST (Chl) "Holocaustic Morbid Compilation" [Black Goat Terrorist 666] - Raw, obscure Black/Thrash Metal.

MORBID SPELL (Pry) "Blasphemous Ritual" [Deathrash Armageddon] - Black/Thrash Metal.
Price: 22 PLN / 5 Euro / 6 USD

MORBID YELL / KÖRGULL THE EXTERMINATOR (Esp) "The Black Legions March over the Killing Fields / Self Destruction Ritual" [Grave Ritual Productions] - Black/Death Metal & Thrash/Black Metal. Fukk!

MORBIFER (Pol) "Moroi" [Okaleczenie / Total War] - Black Metal.

MORBO (Ita) "Addiction to Musickal Dissection" [Terror From Hell Records] - Death Metal.

MORTAL MUTILATION (Esp) "Dawn of the Dead" [From the Grave Productions] - Death Metal. Re-released demo in 1992, a bonus track and the lyrics. Limited to 230 copies, all copies with full color poster.

MOSH ANGEL (Fin) "In the sign of Mosh Angel" [Witchhammer Productions] - Finnish Thrash Metal Slaughter.

MUST MISSA (Est) "Sex Beyond The Grave" [Ketzer / Beverina Prod] - It seems like the most interesting Black Metal band from Estonia.

MUTILATION / 9TH PLAGUE (Ser/Swe) "Mental Decay / Spreading The Satanic Gospel" [Awaken Productions] - Brutal Death Metal.

NAMELESS TOMB / DEMONOMANCER (Deu/Slv) "Abhorer Copulae Decimator" [Sodomistic Rituals Productions] - Nekro Black/Death Metal!

NAMTER / GASZIMMER (Ita) "Paritur Pax Bello" [HellWar Prods] - Satanic Black Metal/NSBM.

NATIONAL SUICIDE (Ita) "The Old Family is Still Alive" [Stay Pure Productions] - Speed/Thrash Metal. Yeah!

NECROAXE (Chl) "Necrosoldiers" [Proselytism] - Satanik Thrash Metal!

NECROFULGURATE (USA) "Putrid Veil" [Caverna Abismal Records] - Death Metal. Two demos on one tape.
Price: 22 PLN / 5 Euro / 6 USD

NECROLISIS (CRI) "Devastador Metal" [Occult Records] - Thrash Metal.

NECROMUTILATOR (Ita) "The Devil Arisen" [Terror From Hell Records] - Black/Thrash Metal.

NECROPSIA / UNHOLY TEMPLE (Chl) "The Knifes of Death" [Evil Thrasher Zine] - Pure Fukking Death/Black Metal!

NECROPSIA (Chl) "Live Desecrations" [Necropsia] - Death/Black Metal!

NECRORIPPER (Chl) "Rehearsal From the Grave" [Atomik Nuclear Desolation] - Hell! Fukk!

NECROSLAUGHTER (Pol/Deu) "Sacrifice To Satan" [Slava Productions] - Satanic Necro Black Metal! Limited to366 copies.

NECROSODOMY / GRAVECRUSHER (Hun) "Eternal Mutilation" [Caverna Abismal Records] - First songs ever from these great Old School Death Metal bands!

NECROSTUPRUM / SATANIC TORMENT (Pol / Fin) "Goetes" [Demented Omen of Masochism] - Nekro Black/Death Metal!

NECROVEN (Esp) "Perpetual Scorn" [Filthy Cave Records] - Debut demo tape of the Spanish Death Metal band Necroven, pure worship to the ancient sounds of Death, influenced by the American darkest cults and the Finnish cold melodies among many other putrid sounds.

NECROWRETCH (Fra) "Satanic Slavery" MC [Morbid Skull Records] - Satanik Death/Black Metal. Arghhh!
Price: 25 PLN / 6 Euro / 7 USD

NEGATRON (Phl) "Thermal Shock" [Afterlife Productions] - Black/Thrash Metal.

NEKYDAIMON (Grc) "Blasphemic Shadows Through the Path of God" [Bestial Invasion Records] - Black/Death Metal! Fukk!

NEOLITH (Pol) "Immortal" [The Flaming Arts] - Mroczny Death/Black Metal!

NEVELRIJK (Nld) "Heidens Bloed" [Wolfsvuur Records] - Black Metal.

NIHIL DOMINATION (Ecu) "Jehovah's Desecration" [Nihil Domination] - Blasphemous, raw Black/Death Metal.

NIHIL DOMINATION (Ecu) "Bestial Alcoholnihilation" [Nihil Domination] - Blasphemous, raw Black/Death Metal.

NOCTURNAL (Deu) "Arrival Of The Carnivore" [Salva Productions] - Black/Thrash Metal. Fukk!

NOCTURNAL (Deu) "Storming Evil" [Roots Active Productions] - Black/Thrash Metal. Fukk!

NOCTURNAL DEPRESSION (Fra) "Near to the stars" [Winterreich Records] - Suicidal, sorrow Black Metal.

NOCTURNAL DEPRESSION (Fra) "Soundtrack For A Suicide" [Winterreich Records] - Suicidal, sorrow Black Metal.

NOCTURNAL DEPRESSION (Fra) "Nostalgia - Fragments of a Broken Past" [Winterreich Records] - Suicidal, sorrow Black Metal.

NOCTURNAL HELL (Esp) "Bestial Worshipers (Fucking Imperial Blood)" [Rawblackult Productions] - Pure fukking Black/Thrash Metal!

NOCTURNAL HELL (Esp) "Highway To The Fucking Kult" [Nexus Innspillinger] - Pure fukking Black/Thrash Metal!

NOCTURNAL VOMIT (Grc) "Death Will Not Be Swift" [Slava Prods] - Old School Death Metal.

NOKTURNAL (Chl) "Under the Unholy Black Ritual" [Diabolous Productions] - Uncompromising, raw Black Metal!

NOSFERATU (Bra) "Returning to the Slaughter" [Morbillus Records] - Great Pure Heavy Metal. Arghhh!

ODIN'S COURT (Grc) "Zeus" [Woden's Reign Records] - Raw Pagan Black Metal.

ODIUM PERPETUUM / D.O.R. (Prt) "United in Hate & Pain" [HellWar Prod.] - Black Metal.

ODOUR OF DEATH (GBr) "Odour of Death" [Total War / Okaleczenie] - Black Metal.

OFFENSOR (Per) "Manifiesto Heretico" [Gravplass Propaganda] - The release also contains amazing 2010 "Experiencias en el Vicio Supremo" demo! Peruvian Blackest Expression Of Vice Supreme!

OLDBLOOD (Svk) "This World Isn't for Us" [Suicide Taste Productions] - Pure Fukking Thrash/Black Metal!

OMINOUS (Fin) "Death... The Beginning" [Impious Desecration Records] - Black Metal!

OPPRESSIVE MELANCHOLY (Fin) "I" [Iron Scourge] - Finnish Black Metal band inspired by underground extreme metal, experimental and electronic music. The band uses these influences to come up with its own sound. Oppressive Melancholy proudly plays Anti-Abrahamic Black Metal. The sound is distinct, yet still raw, don't expect progress for the sake of progress.
I is the bands first recording, recorded between November 2015 and July 2016 and is, with 45 minutes playing time, a full length release.

OPPRESSIVE MELANCHOLY (Fin) "Kuroitus Mielen Totaaliin" [Iron Scourge] - "Kuroitus Mielen Totaaliin" is recorded between September 2016 and January 2017 and is a 27 minute EP featuring a cover of Countess' Fire & Blood.

ORLOFF (USA) "Swamp of the Ravens" [Trauma Records] - Death Metal

OUPIRIC FRENZY Compilation [Oupiric Records] - Denial Of God, Dysanchely, Crypthowl...

PAGANFIRE / EVIL ATTACK (Phl/Chl) "United By Thrash And Beer II" [Rawblackult Productions] - Thrash, Thrash, Fucking Thrash Metal!

PALE MIST (GBr) "From a creul obscurity" [Sinister Stench] - Pure Fukking Black Metal!

PANDEMIC GENOCIDE (Pol) "To Rake Over the Ashes" [self released] - Raw, obscure Death Metal.

PATHETIC / PUTRID (Can/Per) "Devorando Carne Divina" Split MC [Total Därkness Propaganda] - Death Metal. Arghhh!

PAZUZU (Cri) "Revenant of Blasphemies" [Psychogrind Records] - Death/Doom Metal.

PERVERSE MONASTYR (Bgr) "Promo tape 2006" [self released] - Raw, obscure Black Metal.

PERVERTUM OBSCURUM (Aus) "Mass Murder Mutilation" [Evil Speaks Records] - Great Death/Thrash Metal! members of Gospel of the Horns, Destruktor, ex-Destroyer 666!

PERVERTUM OBSCURUM / NADIMAC (Aus/Srb) "Eraser" [Stay Pure Productions] - Death & Thrash Metal. Fukk!

POISONED (Pol) "Rising from Darkness" [Bloodmonk Rite Productions/Morbid Jehovah] - Death/Thrash Metal!

POISONOUS (Bra) "Perdition's Den" [Rawblackult Productions] - Pure Fukking Death Metal!

POX (Bel) "s/t" [Impious Desecration Records] - Black Metal.

PRAETERNIGMA (Can) "Demo MXVI" [Von Frost Records / Poison Mist Propaganda] - Mysterious Black/Death from the cosmos suffocating in utter darkness ....

PRAISE THE FLAME (Chl) "Manifest Rebellion" [Caverna Abismal Records] - Praise The Flame's momentous debut album, for many one of the best Death Metal albums of 2015, Manifest Rebellion, is now available on cassette tape format.
Price: 25 PLN / 6 Euro / 7 USD

PRICE OF DEATH (Rus) "Rest in Suffering" [Grotesque Sounds Productions] - Swedish-way old school death metal massacre! Debut EP of Russian band.

PROFANAL (Ita) "Rotten Bodies" [Unholy Domain Records] - Pure Fukking Death Metal. Arghhh!

PROFANATOR (Mex) "Shit on the Cross" [Satanic Records] - Raw Thrash Metal!
Price: 15 PLN / 4 Euro / 5 USD

PROFANE PRAYER (Grc) "Tales of Vagrancy and Blasphemy" [Metal Defiance Productions] - 7 tracks, 33 minutes of 100% antireligious traditional black metal, 7 'Tales of Vagrancy and Blasphemy'. Order or Suffer!

PROPOVED (Srb) "Onaj koji niko jeste" [Odmetnik] - Satanic Doom/Heavy Metal, traditional style influenced by NIGRO MANTIA, old CANDLEMASS, BOMBARDER etc.

PSYCOPATH WITCH (Ita) "Worshipping the Flagellator" [Unholy Domain Records] - Death/Black Metal!

PUTRID EVIL (Pol) "Massgrave Overtortures" [Terror From Hell Records] - Pure Fukking Death Metal!

PUTREFIED REMAINS (Mal) "The Enthronement" [Narrowards] - Black / Death Metal.

RAGING DEATH (Pol) "Taste the Steel" [Fukk Records] - Thrash Metal.

RAPTURE MESSIAH (Mex) "Terrorism and Live Pervertion" [Wolfsvuur Records] - Raw Black Metal.

RAVENDARK'S MONARCHAL CANTICLE (Bra) "Terras Sul-Americanas do odio" [Trevas Distro] - Raw Black/Death Metal in vein of old Sarcofago!

READY TO FUCK (Bra) "The Obscure Side of Sexism" [Diabolous Productions] - Black Metal.

RECRUCIFY (Per) "Ensayo 06/06/12" [Destruktor Records] - Rehearsal tape. Black/Death Metal.
Price: 20 PLN / 5 Euro / 6 USD

RECRUCIFY (Per) "Grimorium Verum" [self released] - Pure Fukking Black/Death Metal!
Price: 20 PLN / 5 Euro / 6 USD

REGRESSIVE / GATEKRASHOR (Ltu/Can) "Graveyard Assault" [Volcanic Slut] - Black/Speed Metal.

RESUSCITATION (Bel) "There Will Be Darkness" [Demented Omen of Masochism] - Brutal Death Metal. Members of PEK, Skull Collector... Fukk!!!

REVENGE (Col) "Soldiers Under Satan's Command & Bang your Head" [Roots Active Productions] - Speed/Heavy Metal.

RIGID HORNS (Fin) "Nightrhymes" [Wolfsvuur Records] - Atmospheric Black Metal.

RIPPED TO SHREDS (USA) "Mai-Zang" [Necrolatry Records] Old school Death Metal hailing from the Bay Area, deeply inspired by the timeless early-90s Swedish Death Metal with distinct lyrical focus on ancient Chinese history. Featuring BW from Grave Spirit and Draghkar on guest vocals. Reamping of rhythm guitars, mixing, mastering, and audio sorcery by Damian Herring of Horrendous. This is a pro- tape pressing limited to 200 copies worldwide so be sure to grab you copies fast.

SABBATICAL RITES (Grc) "The Destruction" [Slava Prods] - Pure Fukking Black Metal!

SACRIFIX / MANIAC WINDS (Chl) - split MC [self released] - Agressive old-style Black/Thrash.

SADOKIST (Fin) "Horrors From Hell" [Bestial Invasion Records] - Fukking Black/Thrash Metal. Arghhhh!

SAGOTH (Ven) "Gloria Satanas" [Nekrowhoregasmic Noize] - Extreme Black Metal!

SAGOTH (Ven) "Dominacion Imperial" [Nekrowhoregasmic Noize] - Extreme Black Metal!

SANATORIO (Bra) "Rotten Death Church" [Rawblackult Productions] - Satanic Death Metal!

SANCTOPHOBY / BLACKHORNS (Ltu/USA) "Altar of Impure Rituals" [Volcanic Slut] - Fukk!

SANGUINARY MISANTHROPIA (Aus) "Blodison" MC [Total Därkness Propaganda] - Great Black Metal.

SANGUINEOUS (Aus) "Expurgating Life from Earth" [Sanguineous] - Brutal Death Metal. Arghhh!

SARGATANAS (Mex) "The Enlightenment" - Great Death Metal!

SARTEGOS (Esp) "As fontes do Negrume" [Egg of Nihilism Productions / Caverna Abismal Records] - 7 Tracks of Obscure, Intense, Rotten and Cavernous Death/Black Metal for the fans of Morbosidad, Teitanblood, Manticore and Cruciamentum.

SATANICHRIST (Bra) "Worship" [Diabolous Productions] - Raw Black Metal.

SCAREMAKER (USA) "Burning Inquisition" [Witchhammer Productions] - US Oldschool Death Metal.

SEMAI (Svk) "Opus Dei" [Suicide Taste Productions] - Black Metal/Noise/Drone/Ambient.

SEMPER FIDELIS / WEREWOLF (Pol) "Fidelity of Ideology" [Eastside Records/Werewolf Promotion] - Black Metal!

SEPTORY (Rus) "World War Chaos" [Wings of Destruction] - Death Metal.

SEPULCHRAL CRIES (Dnk) "Misery Exhibits" [Wolfsvuur Records] - Slow, misanthropic Black Metal!

SEREIGNOS (Idn) "Total Havoc" [Evil Prevails Productions] - Black/Death Metal.

SEX BLASPHEMY / SANCTOPHOBY (Ltu) "Rape the Mother of God / Perverse Abominations" [Volcanic Slut] - Fukk!

SEXORCIST (Per) "Ritual, Sexual, Morboso..." [Destruktor Records] - Death Metal. Fukk!

SILBERBACH (Deu) "Terror Aus Fleisch Und Blut" [Osokrei Bild und Tonkunst] - Pure Black Metal.

SIRIN (Svk) "The Dawn of Freedom" [Garazel Productions] - Black Metal in vein of Graveland.

SKOGEN (Pol) "Polnocne Nieswiete Sztormy" [Strigoi Records] - Black Metal.

SKULLKRUSHER (Fin) "Bestial Evil" [Chanteloup Creations] - Raw Thrash/Death Metal!

SLAUGHTER (Can) "Nocturnal Karnage" [Terror From Hell] - Death/Thrash Metal. Fukk!

SLAVLAND (Pol) "Piesn Gromu" [Eastside] - Pagan Metal.

SLECHTVALK (Nld) "The War That Plagues The Land" [Hrom Records] - Black Metal.

SNMS (Swe) "Demotape 2009" [Witchhammer Productions] - Metal/punk.

SOLOTHUS (Fin) "Ritual of the Horned Skull" [Nihilistic Holocaust] - Death/Doom Metal. Fukk!

SOMBRE PRESAGE (Fra) "Intégrisme" [Occultum Productions] - Dark Ambient/Industrial.

SOMBRE PRESAGE (Fra) "Errance" [Occultum Productions] - Dark Ambient/Industrial.

SURVIVAL (Mex) "Drink with Satan" [Grotesque Sounds Productions] - Compilation of Mexican alco-speed metal beasts! Including latest rare trax! 66 copies!

SWAMP (Grc) "Nuclear Death" [Dog Fight/Proselytism] - Black/Thrash Metal.

SWAROST (Pol) "Triumf Panteonu Aryjskich Bogow" [self released] - Pagan Black Metal.

SWAROST (Pol) "Oblicze Kultu Cieni" [Hail Satan Prod.] - Pagan Black Metal.

SYKLISK NEDGANG (Fra) "Purification Through The Fall" [Time Before Time] - Debut demo. Occult and dedicated Black Metal in vein of Negura Bunget, Malign...

TATANHAMMER (Fin) "Promo 2012" [Abandon Tapes] The Promo 2012 tape was dubbed before only for a few friends, but now it's available for the first time properly presented for the audience. Same program on both sides. Pro-covers and properly dubbed tapes. Horrific metal of death. Arghhh!
Price: 20 PLN / 5 Euro / 6 USD

TEMNOHOR (Svk) "Do ponurych smrecin hmla sa zakrada" [Krologh Productions] - Raw, dark Black Metal.

TERRORAMA (Swe) "Horrid Efface" [Misanthropic Propaganda Prod] - Aggressive, fast, old styled Black/Thrash Metal.

THANATOSEPTIS (USA) "Kingom of Stagnant Desicration" [Salva Productions] - 13 tracks of Black sewage gorenoise with doom influences, from the US. Ghostly, deviant vocals with a noisy, ritualistic undertone. For fans of Beherit & Thorax Embalmer.

THE AGGRESSOR (Chl) "En Vivo Valparaiso. Violencia, Destrucction, Drocas Y Alcohol" [Spectrum Mortem] - Thrash Metal.

THE GRAVES (Pol) "Demo" MC [Morgue Industry] - Raw, obscure Black/Thrash Metal from Poland. Fukk!
Price: 20 PLN / 5 Euro / 6 USD

THE LAST TWILIGHT (Esp) "Final Holocaust: The River of Christian Blood" [Final Embrace Records] - Black Metal.

THE ROTTING (Swe) "The Dead Wont Leave You Alone" [Time Before Time] - 2nd demo. Raw, primitive and grim Death Metal in vein of Autopsy/Grotesque/Nihilist.

THE WAKEDEAD GATHERING (USA) "Ars Notoria" [Blazing Obscurity/Skeleton Plague] - Death Metal.

THERM.EYE.FLAME (Rus) "Solar Nebula" [Musicmind Records] - Dark, cold Black Metal!

THERM.EYE.FLAME (Rus) "Spherical" [Musicmind Records] - Dark, cold Black Metal!

THORNSPAWN (USA) "Sanctified by Satan's Blood" [Unholy Blasphemies Productions] - Black Metal.

THRONE OF THE FALLEN (Per) "Throne of the Fallen" [Slava Productions] Tape version of the 7" EP for all the tape maniacs. This vicious desecration hailing from Peru with truly obscure, dark and unholy 4 spears in the wounds of Christ. Expect nothing but primitive black metal with old-school influences. For fans of early black metal and mid 80's thrash metal!

THRONEUM (Pol) "Pestilent Death" [Devil Worship Records] - Pure Fukking Death Metal!
Price: 12 PLN / 3 Euro / 4 USD

TITAN MOUNTAIN (Pol) "Above Fangs of Majestic Stonetitans" [Strigoi Records] - Symphonic Black Metal.

TO ARKHAM (Pry) "Born to Hate + LivEvil" [Diabolous Productions] - Blasphemous, uncompromising Black Metal!

TOMBSTALKER (USA) "Demo 2008" [Boneyard Records] - Thrash/Death Metal.

TORMENTING ANGUISH (USA) "Absolute Desolation" [Wolfsvuur Records] - Black Metal.

TORMENTOR (Mex) "Beholding the Endless Pestilence" [Terror From Hell Records] - Death/Thrash Metal. Includes "Vision Of Darkness" demo recorded in 1989 and "Rehearsal" recorded in 1989.

TORTURA (Mex) "Souls On The Hole" [Metaltifus Productions] - Fukking Thrash Metal!

TROOPS OF DEATH (Chl) "Black September" [The Force Records] - Agressive old-shool Thrash/Black/Death Metal.

TUDOR (Cze) "Antikrist: The Best Of 2006" [Slava Productions] - Fukk!

TUMBA (Esp/Pan) "Demo(nio) II" [PUS Records] - Black/Death Metal.

TWO RUNES (Fin) "Herää Eurooppa!" [Black Death Production] - Black Metal.

UNCLEAN (Cze) "Ten, který se vyhýbá svitlu" [Pussy God Records] - Okkult Black Metal. Fukk!

UNHALLOWED TORMENT (Usa) "Unhallowed Torment" [Time Before Time] - Satanic, dark and occult Death Metal in vein of Necros Christos and Acheron! Pure Evilness!

VEDERVARDIG (Swe) "Demons" [Total Holocaust Records] - Black Metal/Noizz. Fukk!

VEXED (Ita) "Abyss Of Agony" [Anger Music] - Thrash Metal.

VEXED (Ita) "Nightmare Holocaust" [Metallatria Distro] - Thrash/Black Metal in old, good style! Limited to 200 copies. Tape professionally released with A4-size inlay.

VIA DOLOROSA (Ita) "Mahabharata" [Amf Productions] - NSBM.

VIA DOLOROSA / STURM KOMMAND (Ita/Bgr) "Genitor Luminis" [War Kommand Prod] - NSBM.

VIANDE (Fra) "s/t" [Impious Desecration Records] - Black/Death Metal!

VICTIMIZED / XANADOO (Col/Sgp) [Nuclear Thrash Prod] - Thrash Fukking Thrash Metal!

VINTERRIKET (Deu) "...Und Die Nacht Kam Schweren Schrittes" [Bloodhead Production] - Black Metal / Ambient.

VITRIOL (Deu) "Vitriol" [self released] - Great Black/Death Metal! Comes in a special handmade cardboard-packaging with onbody stamped logo and 8 page booklet.

VOBISCUM LUCIPHER (Col) "Excomulgación, Blasfemia y Sacrilegio Bajo el Crepúsculo Divino" [self released] - Raw, Satanik Black Metal.

VOMIKAUST (USA) "Punishment of Existence" [Primal Vomit Records] - Black/Thrash Metal!

VOMIT OF DOOM (Arg) "Fatal Assault" [Black Goat Terrorist 666] - Speed Black Thrash Metal Vengance.Killer Attack of Necro Metal , first Demo of this Satanic Band from Southamerica.

VOMITOR (Aus) "Devils Poison" [Supremacy Through Intolerance] - Fukk! Fukk! Fukk!

VSOREX / HARSGATHUR (Deu) "Nordland Krieger" [Nordsturm Prod] - Raw Black Metal.

VULTUR (Ita) "Sulphureous Abyss" [Goat Worship] - Furious, intensive Black Metal.

VULTUR (Ita) "Corona De Frastimus" [Goat Worship] - Furious, intensive Black Metal.

WALLACHIA (Nor) "From Behind The Light" [Night Birds Records] - Great Symphonic Black Metal!

WAR GENERATION 666 (Col) "War Generation 666" [Blazing Obscurity Records] - War Black Metal!
Price: 20 PLN / 5 Euro / 6 USD

WAR POSSESSION / RESPAWN THE PLAGUE (Grc) "Plague Upon The Battlefield" [Metal Defiance Productions] - Two Greek high level bands with true faith and dedication to the old school death metal sound. This means 30 minutes of Death metal domination exclusive for real brutalists!
War Possession
Respawn The Plague
Price: 20 PLN / 5 Euro / 6 USD

WARFARE (Chl) "Voices" [Magistellus Infernal Prod] - Very raw, underground Satanic Black Metal. Only for the biggest underground maniacs!

WARMARCH (Can) "War March" [self released] - Black/Death Metal.

WHIPSTRIKER (Bra) "Crude Rock'n'Roll" [Herege Warfare Productions] - Heavy/Speed Metal. Fukk!

WILKOLAK (Pol) "Ponure Widma Nieumarlej Grozy" [Black Death Production] - Black Metal!

WITCHBURNER (Deu) "Blasphemic Assault" [Stillborn Sounds] - Thrash Metal.

WITCHMASTER (Pol) "Witchmaster" [Maleficium / Bad Taste] - Fukk! Fukk! Fukk!

WITCHTOWER (Spa) "Witchtower" [Roots Active Productions] - Heavy Metal.

WOLFF (Pol) "Demo 2006" [self released] - Cold, dark Black Metal.

XERBETH (Bol) "Fuerzas del Mal" [Diabolous Productions] - Black Metal.

YDINTUHO (Fin) "Demo 2008" [La Medula Espinal] - Thrash Metal/Crustcore. Arghhh!

ZANTHICUS / NEFTARAKA (Phl/Mys) "Ejaculation Ov the Wicked" [Sabbathid Records] - Raw, sordid Black Metal.

ZÖLDIER NOIZ (Fra) "Straight Down to Hell" [D.U.K.E.] - Thrash Metal. Arghhh!

CDR ****** CDR ****** CDR ****** CDR

4 TORMENTING WAYS TO DEATH [Gruft prodüktion]. Split including: Bloody Sign (Fra), Luctiferu (Bra), Cromb (Swe), Mortifiecy (Bra). Old school Brutal Death Metal. Professionally released CD-R.

BLACK BLOOD FIGHTED COMPILATION - Vol I: Philippines vs. Brazil [Roots Active Productions] - 6 bands from Philippines and 6 bands from Brazil. Black Metal. Profesionally printed inserts + overprinted CD-R. Limited to 300 copies.

COMMUNION (Chl) "Black Metal Dagger Demo Rehearsal" [self released] - Fukk! Profesionally printed insterts.

COMMUNION (Chl) "Demo III" [self released] - Fukk! Profesionally printed insterts.

CUMSOCK (Can) "S/t" [Skull Fucking Metal Records] - Old School Grind/Noise.

DEMONICAL CRISIS ASSEMBLY (Mys) "Blood War Death" [Infernal Kaos Productions] - Aggressive, uncompromising Black Metal. Overprinted CD-R with pro cover.

DOSA (Mal) / YATTAI (Fra) / LOSTEROR (Tha) / GRUUTHAAGY (Hrv) - 4 ways split CDr [Roots Active Productions]. - Total Grindcore. Overprinted CD-R with profesionally printed inserts.

EVIL MAYHEM (Bra) "The return..." [self released] - Impulsive, furious Thrash/Black Metal! Printed, color inlay.

FEU GREGEOIS (Fra) "Francorum Regnum Hierosolymorum" [Heaume Productions] - Great Black/Death Metal! Professionally released CD-R.

HELLFIST (Pol) "Affirmation of all inhuman process" [self released] - Death Metal. Profesionally printed insterts.

INFERNECRON (USA) "Through The Ritual Hills" [Eisigermond Productions] - Uncompromising Black Metal. Printed inserts.

MAGNUM CARNAGE (USA) "Digital Wolves" [self released] - Brutal Black/Death Metal for listeners who wants something more. Professionally released.

MANDINGAZO (Chl) "Mandingazo" [D.O.S.E. Records] - Very good, brutal, dark Death Metal!!! Profesionally printed insterts.

MOLOCH LETALIS (Pol) "Cold Execution" [self released] - 'Cold', very good played Black Metal. Great cover artwork.

MORBUS (Pol) "Diabolikalrites & Nekrosexlust" [Black Dominion Productions] Fukk! Fukk! Fukkkkk! Professionally released CD-R.

MORTISS DAEMONIUM (Ita) "In nomine Regis Inferi" [self released] - Misanthropic Black Metal! Profesionally printed insert.

NECRO ANGEL (Fin) "Exitus" [Death Worm Records] - Raw Black Metal!

NEFASTO (Chl) "Explosion Inminente" [D.O.S.E. Records] - Good, impulsive Thrash Metal. Arghhhh! Profesionally printed inserts.

NIHIL DOMINATION (Ecu) "Jehovah's Desecration" [self released] - Raw, blasphemous Black/Death Metal. Professionally printed inserts.

OKSENNUS (Fin) "Vomit Ritual" [self released] - Okkult Death Metal.

OKSENNUS (Fin) "Demo II" [self released] - Okkult Death Metal.

PATHOGEN (Phl) "Into the Subconcious Void" [Skull Fucking Metal Records] - Great, brutal old school Death Metal!

PERSECUTOR (Pol) "Army Of Damned" [self released] - Good, spontaneous Thrash Metal! Printed inserts.

PHANTASMAGORY (Ukr) "Odd Sounds" [The Flaming Arts] - Technical, 'twisted' Death Metal with keyboards. Profesionally printed inserts.

REGIN (Nor) "Her Hvor Intet Lys Finnes" [Strigoi Records] - Very good, Norwegian Black Metal. Professionally released.

ROCK & RON (Chl) "Impura Realidad" [D.O.S.E. Records] - Rock'n'roll / punk / metal. Simple, groovy, drunken playing for a crazy party ;) Profesionally printed inserts.

SWORN (Swe) / BLOODSOUL (Fin) "Skullkrushing Destroyers" [Gruft Production] - Very good old school Death Metal. Arghhh! Professionally released.

THE LAST RIDE OF DEAD KINGS - Hungarian demo songs from 1991 - 1995, Tribute To The Kings! [Neverheard Distro] - It is a compilation including 17 kult Hungarian Death and Thrash Metal bands from the early nineties. Comes on full printed, carefully written Verbatim disc including factory made glossy colour cover and four pages booklet full of info for DVD case. 17 songs in 79:57 min! Whole songs remastered. Fukk!

TOTAL UKRAINIAN COMPILATION [Dead Center / Bloodhead / Eclectic]. 19 bands, among the others: Brilliant Coldness, Scorn Age, Dusk Chapel, Gromm, Nocturnal Dominium, Simbioz, Necrocannibalistic Vomitorium... Profesionally printed insert.

VIOLENT SCUM (Chl) "Festering in Endless Decay" [self released] - Death Metal! Profesionally printed insterts.

XANADOO (Sgp) "Wired Criminal" [Stay Pure Productions] - Great Thrash Metal in vein of Kreator. Arghhhh!

'ZINE ****** 'ZINE ****** 'ZINE ****** 'ZINE

AVE SATAN 'zine, issue Apocalypse (Fra) - English written, A4-size, 40 pages, xero. Interviews: Mantak, Deiphago, Chaosbaphometh, Trench Hell, Pek, Almighty Sathanas, Necrovomit, Black Grail, Witch Tomb, Embrace of Thorns, Denouncement Pyre...

BELLS OF ACHERON 'zine No. III (Col) - English written, B5-size, 76 pages, print. Interviews: Black Jesus, Denouncement Pyre, Funeral Nation, Hypnosia, Infernal Slaughter, Machetazo, Nocturnal Graves, Vanhelgd...

BURNING ABYSS 'zine #8 (Pol) - English written, A4-size, 68 pages, print. Interviews: Necros Christos, Medico Peste, Immolation, Domains, Desolate Shrine, Sartegos, Ethelyn, Ominous Domain...

CYROGRAF 'zine #3 (Pol) - Polish written, A5-size, 76 pages, xero. Interviews: Morbid Slaughter, Pregierz, Celebration, Raped Christ, Nechbeyth, Nameless Tomb, Temple Desecration, Necroholocaust, Oksennus...

DEADBANGERS 'zine #3 (Dnk) - English written, A5-size, 40 pages, print. Interviews: Pagan Rites, Hideous Invasion, Resistance, Horned Almighty, The Crypt Records, Black Wreath, Kill Town Death Fest, Anal Vomit...

FORGOTTEN CHAPEL metal fanzine #9 (Pol) - English written, A4-size, 60 pages, print. Interviews: Temple of Adoration 'zine, Infernal Curse, Sartegos, Abysmal Grief, Graveyard, Fistbang Records, Veinen, Paragon Records, Evil Machine, Det Gamle Besatt...
Price: 15 PLN / 4 Euro / 5 USD

HAMMERFIST 'zine #2 (Pol) - Polish written, A4-size, 58 pages, xero. Interviews: Mesmerized, Stillborn, Slav, Belphegor, Vexatus, Bloodthirst, Empheris...

HELLISH PROPAGANDA NEWSLETTER #1 (Esp) - English written, A4-size, 6 pages, xero. Interviews: Nakkiga and Putrid + reviews.

HELLISH PROPAGANDA NEWSLETTER #3 (Esp) - English written, A4-size, 14 pages, xero. Interviews: Bestial Hordes and Pustulation + reviews.

IRON HAMMER 'zine #5 (Deu) - English written, A4-size, 80 pages, print. Interviews: Tunjum, Ghast, Aggressa, Heretic/Abyssous, Anaboth, Scythian, Morbid Funeral, Offence, Supplicium, Doomortalis, Ravencult, Varathron, Lord Of Pagathron, Domains, Vulcano, Paganfire...

MORBID ABOMINATIONS 'zine #2 (The Second Curse of Antichrist) - English written, A4-size, 44 pages, xero. Interviews: Funeral Goat, Maniac Butcher, Sadomator, Ravencult, Satanic Warmaster, Morbosidad, Dead Congreagation, Mitochondrion, Communion...

REGRESSUS DIABOLI 'zine #1 (Deu) - English written, A4-size, 24 pages, xero. Interviews: Necroholocaust, Miserycore, Atomic Aggressor, Dishammer, Paganus Doctrina, Mefitic, Infernal Curse...

REGRESSUS DIABOLI 'zine #2 (Deu) - English written, A4-size, 44 pages, xero. Interviews: Necrodisseminator, Goatfago, Nekromanteion, Goatsemen, Sartegos, Morbidity, Eternal Darkness Creations...

RIDDLE OF STEEL 'zine #6 (Tur) - English written, A4-size, 72 pages, print. Interviews: Inquisition, Graveland, Acheron, Arkona, Woodtemple, Vemod, Stworz, Abhor, Old Forest, Morok...

RITUAL MURDER 'zine #5 (Pol) - English written, A4-size, 58 pages, xero. Interviews: Evilfeast, Hellish, Ruins, Persecutor, Faustcoven, Pseudogod, Drowned, Moon Records, Chainsaw, Asphyx...

SATANIK TERRORIST ELITE 'zine #3 (Mex) - English written, A4-size, 68 pages, print. Interviews: Eliminator, Godslaying Hellblast, Satanic Malediction zine, Morbid Goat Fornicator, Paganfire, Death Invoker, Ominous Crucifix, Hellscourge, Grave Ritual...

SLOWLY WE ROT Fanzine #2 (Rou) - Acroatichon, Belphegor, Chapel Of Disease, Cianide, Enthroned, Fleshcrawl, Morgoth, Ragnarok, Varathron, Necrodemon, Necrosadic, Necrocosm Productions, Selfmadegod Records... + Free Extreme Metal CDR Compilation.

SOLEIL TRYSTE 'zine #3 (Deu) - English written, A5-size, 72 pages, print. Interviews: Cruciamentum, Anguish, Vulturine, Gevurah, The Nihilistic Front, Ominous Silence Records...

TEMPLE OF ADORATION 'zine #10 (Deu) - English written, A4-size, 48 pages, print. Interviews: Desexult, Necrodisseminator, Necrovomit, Domains, Nuctemeron, Demonomancer, Insulter, Demonomancy...

TOTAL DEATH 'zine #5 (Pol) - Polish written, A4-size, 24 pages, xero. Interviews: Warfist, Wishmaster, Necroscope 'zine, Unburied...

TOTAL DEATH 'zine #7 (Pol) - Polish written, A4-size, 32 pages, xero. Interviews: Purgatory, Kalot Enbolot, Poisoned, R'lyeh 'zine...

VAGINALLUFTWAFFE 'zine #4 (Pol) - Polish written, A4-size, 22 pages, xero. Interviews: Redrum 666, Mitochondrion, Hades Archer, Empheris, Cultes Des Ghoules, Embrional...

VAGINALLUFTWAFFE 'zine #5 (Pol) - Polish written, A4-size, 40 pages, xero. Interviews: Evilfeast, Szron, Exmortum, Abysmal Grief, Kurhan, Coffins, Diabolical Messiah, Bestial Raids...